Satellite TV

Major Satellite Providers

When it comes to channel comparisons, DIRECTV and DISH are the two leading satellite TV providers. (Unless you’re a sports fan more on that later.) DISH and DIRECTV both offer over a hundred channels on even their most basic plans, with some premium plans offering up to 350 channels.

If you have a large number of viewers in your house or if you enjoy international programming get DISH. DISH has our selection as the finest satellite TV provider for varied programs. DISH is ideal for watching a variety of content, including movies, TV shows, news, and sports. DISH also carries over 85 Spanish channels. Most DISH packages include a dozen or so Spanish channels, or you may pay more for exclusive Spanish programming, which starts at $49.99 per month and above.

After the first year, DISH does not raise its prices. After a year, DIRECTV costs increase by more than doubling on some plans. You’ll also have to pay the high second-year pricing because you’ll be trapped into a two-year contract. Please visit our website now for more updates. 

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